Compost Range

Multipurpose Compost

Tippland Multipurpose compost is a premium quality general purpose compost produced from a  blend of Pure Irish sphagnum moss peat, Lime, professional-grade horticultural fertiliser, and wetting agent.  

All Purpose Compost

This peat reduced formula is nutrient rich and has been specifically formulated to improve plant growth producing healthier plants with stronger roots, vibrant shoots and even bigger blossoms


Seed And Potting

Tippland’s Seed & Potting Compost is carefully enhanced to produce a rich growing medium suitable for seedling germination, potting on and growing of young plants.

Multipurpose with added John Innes

Tippland Multi-Purpose with added John Innes is traditional formula made from a blend of Irish Sphagnum moss peat , loam, perlite, horticultural grit and professional grade horticultural fertiliser. 

Rose Tree And Shrub

Tippland Rose, Tree and Shrubs compost is a specially formulated compost for Roses, Trees and Shrubs. Rose Tree and Shrub compost is enriched with a professional grade slow release fertiliser that contains the correct nutrient balance and open texture to encourage strong root development and support plant growth.

Container and basket compost

A specially formulated compost for containers and hanging baskets.  Tippland Container and basket compost is enriched with FLOURISH

Potting compost

One of Tipplands Premier compost and a firm favourite of many gardeners , Tippland potting compost is a rich growing medium specially developed for potting on new and established plants.

Premier Gold

Premier Gold is an Ericaceous compost specially developed by Tippland to produce the correct PH balance and nutrient combination required for optimum growth and healthier lime hating plants.