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Moss Peat

Moss Peat

100% Irish Sphagnum Moss peat is available in 3 grades: fine, medium and coarse grade. It can be used for raising levels of beds and borders ,as a growing medium when fertiliser is added, as a soil improver, weed suppresser and for repairing divots in lawns. Tippland Irish Moss Peat is a completely natural product. It helps provide a healthy environment to aid plant growth.

  • 100% natural Irish sphagnum moss peat.
  • Adds humus to soil, improves soil structure and stimulates root growth.
  • Ideal for ericaceous beds and making specialist potting mixes.
  • Available in 70ltr bags, 3m3 bulk bags and in bulk loads.
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Products List

Code Description Size Per Pallet Barcode
TH139 Moss Peat 70LTR 54 539 150440 058 4
TH47 Irish Moss Peat 3m3 1 N/A

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