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Multi Plant Potting Mix

Multi Plant Potting Mix

Tippland Multiplant Potting mix is a premium quality free draining compost that is rich in nutrients and has been specially formulated for house and garden plants.

Why use Multiplant Potting Mix?

  • Multiplant contains all 14 essential nutrients required to support plant development, boost growth, reduce plant stress and build resistance to pests and diseases.
  • 6 month slow release – a specifically developed blend of essential macro nutrients and trace elements that feeds plants up to 6 months.
  • Added Perlite – increase AFP (Air filled porosity) for optimum air flow and drainage. Providing the perfect air to water ratio for stronger healthier root development.
  • Use for potting, re- potting and growing on of all plants except ericaceous.
  • Ideal for potting on houseplants such as Monstera (Swiss cheese plant) , Sansevieria (Mother in laws tongue) Spathiphiphyllum (Peace Lily) and many more.
  • Available in 20ltr bags or 3m3 bulk bags
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TH159 Multiplant Potting Mix 20ltr 120 539 150440 075 1

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