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Rapid Grow Seaweed Enriched Fertiliser

Rapid Grow Seaweed Enriched Fertiliser

Rapid Grow seaweed enriched fertiliser is a rich organic based fertiliser specially developed to encourage overall plant vitality. Rapid Grow is a well balanced fertiliser that has equal levels of the most important nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium. Natural seaweed adds vital nutrients, minerals and trace elements to encourage healthier plants with stronger roots, vibrant shoots and even bigger blossoms.

Specially formulated to feed both your plants an soil. Rapid Grow is excellent for encouraging plants to flower and helping new plants to produce strong roots. Rapid Grow Seaweed enriched fertiliser can be used all around the garden. It is suitable for trees, shrubs and hedges, roses, flower beds and borders, topiary and lawns, fruit and vegetables.

  • Organic based fertiliser and soil conditioner.
  • Rich source of nutrients and organic matter.
  • Extra Magnesium for greener healthier plants.
  • Improves crop quality and yield.
  • Feeds up to 12 weeks.
  • Balanced nutrients for all garden plants.
  • Builds soil fertility, improves soil structure.
  • Healthier plants, resistant to pests and disease.
  • Safe for you your family, pets and wildlife.
  • Easy to store and use.
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TH121 Rapid Grow 10kg 56 539 150440 447 6

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